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Tab/Accordion Items


  • Aerial of Downtown Raleigh Photograph Collection, ca. summer, 1977 - The photograph is an aerial view of central Raleigh, north to south showing Peace Street to Memorial Auditorium and Shaw University and from east to west containing Blount Street to McDowell Street, ca. summer, 1977. The color photograph hung in the law office of William L. Thorpe in Raleigh from 1977 to 1995.
  • Allen, Ron, Photograph Collection, 1952 - Photographs depicting the scene and aftermath of the December 1951 murder of North Carolina Senator Ulysses S. Page by James Walter Sawyer. The photographs were commissioned by the State Bureau of Investigation and taken by Ridenhour Studio of Fayetteville and used in the county court case against Sawyer.
  • Archives and History Reunion Photograph Collection, 1988 - 107 color photos of Archives and History employees at Ballentine's Cafeteria, Raleigh, N.C. on April 9, 1988.
  • Archives and History Reunion Photograph Collection, 1994 - 95 color photographs and negatives taken by Peggy R. Hopson at the Reunion of Archives and History employees at Ballentine's Cafeteria, Raleigh, May 28, 1994.
  • Armfield, Joseph Franklin, Photograph Collection, ca. late 1890s - The collection contains a photograph of Col. Joseph Franklin Armfield (1862-1910) on horseback, ca. late 1890s. He was colonel of the First North Carolina Regiment during the Spanish-American War. He was later an officer with the North Carolina State Guard.
  • Attorneys General of North Carolina Photograph Collection, ca. 1704-1990s - The collection contains photographs of thirty-six former attorneys general of North Carolina from 1704 to the early 1990s. The portraits were on display in the Attorney General's Office for many years before being placed in storage when the agency was moved into the renovated Education Building.
  • Aycock High School Photograph Collection, 1940-1941 - Photographs depicting the Aycock High School building front exterior, teachers, and students of Aycock High School, probably class of 1940-1941, Cedar Grove, NC. Photos were originally attached to two album pages, and most of the photos have been cropped, many into abstract shapes. Thirteen (13) black and white photographic prints, various sizes ranging from approximately 5.5" x 3.5" to less than 1" x 2".


  • Badger and Associated Families Photograph Collection - This collection consists of portraits and group photos of members of the Badger and associated families of Raleigh and Wake County, N.C., ca. 1870-1910. The collection includes both identified and unidentified members of the Badger, Hogg, Manly, Bryan, Lee, Young, and other related families as well as formal class portraits of Trinity College, University of North Carolina, and possibly Wake Forest University students. Photos are cabinet cards, cartes de visites, and other card photo types including a Paris Panel (quite rare), and some early snapshots pasted into a small Kodak album.
  • Barr, Elizabeth D., Postcard Collection, 1907-1908 - These postcards were donated to the North Carolina State Archives in December of 2006 by Ms. Elizabeth D. Barr of Wisconsin. (5 items)
  • Barden, Albert, Photograph Collection, 1910-1953 - The Albert Barden Photograph Collection consists of over 18,000 individual negatives created by Albert Barden (21 October 1888-2 October 1953), a commercial photographer in Raleigh, N.C., between 1908 and 1953. The subject matter in this collection is widely varied including, studio portraiture, advertisements, events, editorial work, funerals, infrastructure documentation (especially Raleigh, N.C.), insurance documentation, etc. The work is typical of an early commercial photography studio. Specifically, this collection contains a wealth of photographs depicting Raleigh, N.C. street scenes, municipal buildings, residential homes and neighborhoods, and other subject matter of local interest.
  • Bicknell, Frank W., Photograph Collection, 1905-1920 - This collection consists of one photograph album containing 302 gelatin silver photographs taken and compiled by Frank W. and Jessie Bicknell. The photographs depict the Blue Ridge Mountain region of North Carolina, specifically the area surrounding and including Linville Gorge. Numerous photographs showing streams, waterfalls, rock formations, gorges, mountain top views, fishing scenes, and area residents.
  • Biographical Directory of the General Assembly of North Carolina Project Photograph Collection (General Assembly Composite Photograph File), 1875 - 1993 - The North Carolina General Assembly is the state of North Carolina's state legislature. This elected body makes the laws of North Carolina, also known as the General Statutes. This collection consists of composite photographs of the North Carolina General Assembly, one original photograph depicting a composite of members of the N.C. Constitutional Convention of 1875, and several color portraits. (23 items, 1 box.)
  • Bittner, Denise, Photograph Collection, 1980-2001 - Denise and John Bittner were residents of Chapel Hill and Ocracoke, N.C. Dr. John R. Bittner (4 May 1943-9 April 2002) was a professor in the Journalism School at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Denise Alexander Bittner was Director of Development at the UNC Lineburger Comprehensive Cancer Center. In 1987, Denise and John Bittner participated in the US Olympic Festival Torch Run on Ocracoke Island, Hyde County, N.C., and volunteered during Research Triangle area festival events including the volleyball competition. Dr. Bittner passed away in 2002. This collection contains a total of thirty-seven (37) photographs and thirty-six (36) negatives. The bulk of the materials relate to Denise Alexander Bittner, John Robert Bittner, and others running in and participating in events of the 1987 U.S. Olympic Festival Torch Run on Ocracoke Island, Hyde County, N.C. Other shots of the Bittners were taken with the North Carolina Historical Marker for Lt. Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy. Additional photos depict a variety of events in the lives of Denise and John R. Bittner, c.1980-2001. Several photos show them with celebrities while others show Dr. Bittner in his role as professor in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism. Other shots show events and various people associated with the UNC-CH Lineburger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Thirty-six (36) negatives depict the volleyball competition during the 1987 U.S. Olympic Festival in the Research Triangle. 73 items.
  • Bowen, Chuck, Photograph Collection, 1900-1919 - Photographs depicting Edwin Maurice Gill and family members dating 1900 to 1950. Gill was born in Laurinburg, NC, 20 July 1899. He served in the General Assembly in 1929 and 1931 and was private secretary to Governor O. Max Gardner, 1931-1933.
  • Bowman's Jewelers Photograph Collection - The materials in this collection were housed in a scrapbook assembled by Clarence E. Bowman, owner and operator of Bowman's Jewelers in Raleigh. The images include photographs of Bowman's store and examples of silverwork he crafted.
  • Boykin, Robert, Photograph Collection, 1912 - Collection consists of seven (7) 5 x 7 dry plate glass negatives produced ca. 1912 of school groups located in Wilson and Durham, North Carolina. The first set contains three (3) images depicting class portraits from Wilson Graded School in Wilson, North Carolina. Grades 4, 8, and 9 are shown. Students are seen sitting on steps at school. The second set contains four (4) images depicting class portraits from West Durham Graded School. Grades 4, 7, 8, and a group portrait of what appear to be teachers/staff members.
  • Bracey, Marcus Donald, Photograph Collection, ca. 1916-1919 - The photographs in the Marcus Donald Bracey collection depict part of the Yadkin Falls Development project on the Yadkin River from 1915 to 1919 which included the construction of two dams; Narrows Dam, and further downstream, Falls Dam. This collection contains eighty-two (82) gelatin silver photographs and two small log books. The photographs range in size from 1" x 1.5" to 8" x 10" with the bulk of the collection measuring 3.5" x 4.5". The photographs depict scenes from the Yadkin Falls Development project on the Yadkin River in Stanly and Montgomery counties, North Carolina from 1915 to 1919. It is believed that these photographs were created by an employee of either the builder of the dam, Hardaway Construction Company, or Alcoa. The photographs are shot in a documentary style with focus on work progress, equipment, site characteristics, and damage caused by natural disaster. Subject matter mainly includes construction scenes depicting work on the Falls Dam and the Narrows dam, the first two of the four dams built in the area. The aftermath of the 1916 Flood is represented in seven 3.5" x 4.5" photographs depicting the damage caused to the Narrows Dam construction site. Also included are photographs depicting a train derailment, landscape photographs depicting the area around the site, photographs depicting the aluminum smelting plant, and several exterior photographs of the living quarters of workers. (84 items)
  • Brimley, Herbert Hutchinson, Photograph Collection, 1880-1977 - The Brimley Collection is named for Herbert Hutchinson Brimley, the first curator (and later, first director) of the North Carolina State Museum of Natural History. Brimley was born in Bedfordshire, England, on 7 March 1861 and immigrated with his parents to Raleigh in the winter of 1880. During his years of service with the State Museum, Brimley assembled North Carolina displays at various national and international expositions. In preparation of his exhibits for the various shows, Brimley did his own photographic work and traveled throughout North Carolina to capture scenes for display in his exhibits. This collection includes ca. 5,000 items, mainly photographic negatives and prints taken and overseen by Herbert Hutchinson Brimley (1861-1946) for the Department of Agriculture, the North Carolina Geological Survey, and the State Museum. The photographs document many aspects of life in the state between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • Brock, Allen Houston, Photograph Collection, ca. 1870-1900 - Allen Houston Brock, an antique dealer in Raleigh, collected these images while living in the capital city. Includes portraits of African Americans from Wake County, N.C., ca. 1870-1900.
  • Brouillard, Edna Earle Harrell, Photograph Collection, 1910-1950 - Collection of photographs dating between 1910 and 1950 depicting and documenting family and events in the life of Edna Earl Harrell Brouillard (14 September 1921-10 January 1994) of Rich Square, NC. Collection also contains a 1939 New York World's Fair scrapbook which contains photographs and ephemera collected during Enda Brouillard's trip to the World's Fair.
  • Brown, John Lewis, Photograph Collection, 1879 - Portrait photographs of fourteen members of the 1879 North Carolina House of Representatives.


  • Camp Davis, North Carolina Photograph Collection, ca. 1942 - The one (1) print in this collection contains an aerial view of Camp Davis, Onslow County, N.C.
  • Camp Recovery, N.C. (Civilian Conservation Corps), Photograph Collection, April, 1935 - The print is a panoramic view of Camp Recovery, Home of Civilian Conservation Corps Company 457.
  • Campbell, Ralph, Jr., Photograph Collection, ca. 1984-2005 - Photographs of Ralph Campbell Jr., from his career in North Carolina politics. Includes a variety of campaign headshots and promotional photos as well as snapshots of Campbell working, speaking, and campaigning with others in the 1980s through 2000s and traveling in Great Britain and France as a Sister Cities delegate to Raleigh's Sister City, Compiegne, France.
  • Carolina Power and Light Photograph Collection - This collection consists of 558 folders (many containing multiple items) housing photographic prints and negatives from the photographic library of Carolina Power and Light. The photographs date ca. 1900-1975 and are a good source of early 20th century photographs of small towns and cities across North Carolina, especially Raleigh.
  • Carpenter, Wesley, Photograph Collection, ca.1940-1945 - Adolphus Wesley Carpenter (1909-1997) was an American amateur photographer in Durham, North Carolina. Carpenter graduated from Duke University’s business school in 1931. He and his family often took trips to various places across North Carolina and the southeast. Many of the photographs in the collection document the people and activities on these trips. This collection contains five hundred and fifty-three (553), gelatin silver photographs. The photographs, taken and printed by Mr. Carpenter, depict families, events, objects, and scenes one would typically see in 1940s American life. (555 items, 0.4 linear ft.)
  • Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection - Century Film Productions (AKA Century Studios; Century Films) was a Raleigh-based film studio owned and operated by O. B. (Ollie) and Lynne Garris. O. B. - while also a cameraman for WRAL-TV - was the primary cinematographer, and his wife, Lynne, played a variety of roles from set designer to director, editing and sound, to production assistant. The Century Film Productions catalog spans from the late 1950s through the early 1980s, and including completed films, production elements, and outtakes - all but two in 16mm format - numbers over 200 items. A few highlights include sponsored films for Carolina Power & Light, Occoneechee Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the North Carolina Department of Transportation with R. J. Reynolds, the U.S. Navy, and the North Carolina Police Information Network; a North Carolina State University football game; commercials for Mt. Olive Pickles and Record Bar; short films and television spots for the political ad campaigns of state governors Dan K. Moore, Terry Sanford, and Robert W. Scott, United States Representative Jim Gardner, and others. There are also important events in North Carolina history that are captured on film such as a Ku Klux Klan march from ca. 1965, the Pullen Hall fire at North Carolina State University in 1965, the inauguration of James E. Holshouser, Jr., and more. (204 items)
  • Colorado Historical Commission Photograph Collection, ca. 1915-1956 - The photograph collection consists of twenty four (24) photographs of various North Carolina related subjects.
  • Cooper, Dr. George Marion, Photograph Collection, ca. 1914-1940 - The collection belonged to Dr. George M. Cooper, a pioneer public health official who was associated with the North Carolina State Board of Health for thirty five years. It mainly consists of photographs taken in conjunction with his public health career and includes views of schools, students, dentists, nurses, public buildings, scenic views, etc.


  • Dean, Delores, Photograph Collection, ca. 1920 - 1930 - Star Warehouse was one of the oldest tobacco warehouses in Wake County and had advertising murals all over its walls as well as ten inch wide plank floors. Two sepia photographs measuring 8 3/4" x 6 1/2" (cardboard backing measures 10" x 12") depicting the interior of the Star Warehouse (tobacco) in Wendell, NC, c.1920-1930. (2 items)
  • Dean, Heulon, Photograph Collection, 1950-1966 - Heulon Dean was born 10 February 1925, in Granville County, NC, son of Franklin Pearce Dean and Minnie Williford Dean. His parents were farmers and moved to Wake County to avoid the Granville Wilt that was taking over tobacco grown in the Granville County area. The family relocated to the community of Needmore just north of Fuquay-Varina, then known as Fuquay Springs. Dean opened the Heulon Dean Studio in 1957, which soon became Heulon Dean and Associates Photography. His studio became very successful and built one of the first Custom Color Labs for producing portraits for himself and for other photographers in the area. Sixty-three (63) 4"x5" black and white photographic negatives dating 1950-1966 depicting various events, structures, historic sites, and people in and related to the town of Fuquay-Varina, NC (Wake County). All photos were taken by Heulon Dean, a professional photographer who worked in and operated a studio in Fuquay-Varina from the early 1950's until the 1990's. (63 items)
  • Denmark Studio Collection, 1911-1956 - Film negatives depicting individuals, portraits, mostly Raleigh and Triangle area, taken by the Denmark Studio, Raleigh, NC, James William Denmark, photographer, 1911-1956.
  • Dempsey, Jean M., Photograph Collection - These photographs were donated by Mrs. Jean M. Dempsey. The collection includes portraits of Leonidas Marion King (1841-1894) and Captain James H. Smith (1832-1906) in their military uniforms and with their families. King served with the 6th Regiment, N. C. Troops, Confederate States Army and Smith served with Troop G, 2nd Michigan Cavalry, USA.
  • Dept. of Conservation and Development, Travel Information Division Photographs, 1937 - 1973 - [This collection is a state agency collection and is cross-posted from the State Agency Finding Aids page]In 1930 the Division of Commerce and Industry merged with the Division of Public Relations, an office that had previously functioned within the Department of Conservation and Development as a quasi chamber of commerce for the state. The Division of Commerce and Industry continued to promote the state through public relations until 1937, when the department was granted an appropriation that enabled it to create a separate Division of State Advertising. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Division of Travel Information (previously named the Division of State Advertising) worked in cooperation with the Division of Commerce and Industry, conducting "Get acquainted with North Carolina" events for newcomers to the state, including those transferred by out-of-state firms to branch operations in North Carolina. The two divisions also worked on a project initiated during the 1960s, locating welcome centers at interstate highway exits near the state's borders. The Division of Commerce and Industry subsequently established a Travel and Tourism Section that continued into the next decade. The photographs in this series are quite diverse and range in subject from pictures of governors of North Carolina to shots of naval personnel during World War II. The first 118 boxes of photographs usually contain both prints and original negatives. They are arranged numerically with print and accompanying negative numbers corresponding. Photographs found in boxes 119 through 128 are arranged alphabetically by subject. No index or classification system other than an alphabetical arrangement by subject exists for these photographs. (128 boxes, including photographs and negatives)
  • Dept. of Natural and Economic Resources, Travel Development, 1937-1949 - [This collection is a state agency collection and is cross-posted from the State Agency Finding Aids page]This is a copy of the subject card index to the inactive series of photographs taken for the N.C. Department of Conservation and Development (now the Department of Natural and Economic Resources).
  • Dept. of Natural Resources and Community Development, Division of Forest Resources Information and Education Photography, 1916 - 1949 - [This collection is a state agency collection and is cross-posted from the State Agency Finding Aids page]In 1905 the General Assembly established the North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey, the state's first agency charged with examining natural resources both in terms of economic potential and of conservation needs. In 1925 the General Assembly replaced the Geological and Economic Survey with the Department of Conservation and Development, giving it a broad mandate to expand all services currently offered by the state in the conservation, utilization, and development of natural resources. In the area of forest resources, the department had overall responsibility for forest maintenance, fire prevention, reforestation, and custody of state forests and parks. Under the Executive Organization Act of 1971, the Department of Natural and Economic Resources was created and placed under the direction of a cabinet-level secretary appointed by the governor. This act assigned to the new agency more than twenty different entities, including the Department of Conservation and Development and its divisions (including the forest service). By provision of a legislative act of 1977, the department was reorganized and renamed the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development. This collection was compiled by the Division of Forestry for use in information and education programs on the state of the timber industry in North Carolina. It includes photographs and negatives arranged in alphabetical order by subject matter. (15 boxes, includes photographs and negatives with extensive moisture damage.)
  • Division of Marine Fisheries Slides, ca. 1970 - 1985 - [This collection is a state agency collection and is cross-posted from the State Agency Finding Aids page]The Marine Fisheries Commission and the Marine Fisheries Division have their origins in agencies established during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. North Carolina's coastal fishing industry enjoyed a brief period of rapid growth following the Civil War; however towards the end of the century, commercial fishermen were experiencing a marked reduction in the catch rates for striped bass, shad, and oysters. By the decade of the 1890s, it was apparent that North Carolina's fisheries and oyster beds were continuing to decline. In response, different legislatures of that era enacted laws to more effectively conserve and manage the fishing industry. The General Assembly of 1907 established the Fish Commission and directed it to report its activities to the Geological and Economic Survey Board. By a legislative act of 1927, the Department of Conservation and Development and the Fisheries Commission were consolidated. Under the Executive Organization Act of 1971, the Department of Conservation and Development and many of its components were transferred for administrative purposes to the newly established Department of Natural and Economic Resources. Under the Executive Organization Act of 1973, the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development took over such divisions as Commercial and Sports Fisheries, and the Department of Conservation and Development became defunct. In 1989 the General Assembly abolished the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development and transferred the Marine Fisheries Commission and its corresponding division to the new Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources. The division was placed under the department's assistant secretary for the Division of Environmental Protection. It monitored marine fisheries resources; provided law enforcement for regulations established by the Marine Fisheries Commission; conducted scientific research; and developed artificial reefs and programs for shellfish rehabilitation. Includes slides assembled by the Office of Public Information, North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, Morehead City, North Carolina, as a part of its governmental duties under the State Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources. Subjects include artificial reefs, reef fish and natural habitat, the Dan Moore (ship), and law enforcement. (7 volumes)
  • Dorothea Dix Hospital Photograph Collection, circa 1890-2000 - Dorothea Dix Hospital, formerly known as the The State Hospital at Raleigh, was named for Dorothea Dix (1802-1887), an activist who worked for improving conditions for the mentally ill in hospitals and asylums. Dix influenced North Carolina legislators to remove mentally ill inmates from prisons and to create a state institution where they could receive treatment. A location was chosen in the countryside a short distance outside of Raleigh, North Carolina . The first patient was admitted on February 22, 1856, and, fifty-one males and thirty-nine females were admitted during the next nine months. During the early twentieth century the hospital continued to add more buildings to the facility in addition to new patients. By the 1930's there were over 2,000 patients. Situated on a 425 acre tract of land on the south side of the city of Raleigh, there are more than 120 separate buildings on the site, many of which were constructed during 1910-1930 and 1960-1980. The buildings are used for patient care, offices, shops, warehouses and other activities in support of the hospital. The photographs in this collection include images of the hospital's buildings, facilities, staff, and residents. (1 box, ca. 3 linear feet.)
  • Dunn, Ian F. G., Photography, 2015-2016 - This collection contains 137 color photographs documenting the interior of the Heck-Andrews House located at 309 North Blount Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. The photographs depict the original condition of the interior prior to any formal restoration efforts. Series one contains photographs taken in spring of 2016 in which each above ground room was documented from each cardinal direction. Some photographs of interior architectural details such as ceiling medallions, mantles and columns are also included. Series two, taken in winter of 2015, contains additional interior details, overall interior views, and three videos depicting walkthroughs of the second and third floors including the tower stairs and tower.


  • Eighteenth Regiment, Sixth Brigade, F.A.R.D., Camp Jackson, S.C., Photograph Collection, ca. 1918 - The print is a panoramic view of members of the Eighteenth Regiment, Sixth Brigade, Field Artillery Replacement Depot (F.A.R.D.) at Camp Jackson, S.C. circa 1918.
  • Elliott, Anthony Troy, Photograph Collection, 1935-1945 - This collection contains a panoramic group photograph of members of Company 424, a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp located in Swan Quarter, NC. The bulk of this collection is contained in a well preserved photograph album compiled by Anthony Troy Elliott during his time with Company 424 c. 1935. The album contains day to day activities of workers, some scenic landscapes of the surrounding area, several photographs taken overseas of servicemen and one postcard depicting the village of Sinajana, Guam.


  • F. Carter Williams Photograph Collection - See Williams, F. Carter, Photograph Collection, 1950s-1980s
  • Farmers Cooperative Exchange Photograph Collection, 1935-1985 - This collection contains the photographic negatives generated by the Farmers Cooperative Exchange (FCX) of Raleigh, North Carolina from 1935-1985. The photographs document the statewide activities of this organization. Many of the photographs were published in the organization's magazine titled, Carolina Cooperator.
  • Farrell, Charles A., Photograph Collection, c.1925-1945 - Charles Anderson Farrell was born in Yadkin County, North Carolina in 1893. After graduating from Wake Forest College, Farrell worked in his father Andrew Jackson Farrell's photography studio in Winston-Salem. Commercial photographer A. J. Farrell also worked for the Reynolds family in Winston Salem. In 1919, Farrell began working for the Eastman Kodak Company as a technical representative. Farrell married Anne McKaughan on February 5, 1921. Charles A. Farrell worked for the Greensboro Daily News, and according to his obituary, was the first professional photographer on staff at the newspaper. The Farrells opened a photographic studio and camera and art supply store in Greensboro called The Art Shop. Between 1933 and 1944, Charles Farrell contributed photographs to five books printed by the University of North Carolina Press, including the popular book Tobe, the story of a young African American boy during the 1930s. Anne M. Farrell began capturing photographs in the 1930s, contributing articles and images to American Girl magazine. Later, Mrs. Farrell assisted Ethel Stephens Arnett with the retouching, printing, and reproduction of the illustrations in Arnett's books. The bulk of the photographs in the collection were taken by Charles A. Farrell between 1925 and 1940 in association with his work as a commercial photographer in Greensboro. Farrell also took a significant number of photographs of coastal North Carolina in the late 1930s. Farrell took many photographs of Onslow County fishermen to document traditional coastal life prior to the construction of Camp Lejeune. Additionally, there are photographs of a Cherokee Indian Fair in the mountains and photographs related to aviation, including pictures of Charles Lindbergh in Greensboro. The collection also contains images captured by Anne McKaughan Farrell during her travels in the state and photographs of McKaughan and Farrell relatives. (ca. 5,200 items, 6.0 linear feet.)
  • Faulk, William G., Jr., Photograph Collection, 1969-1976 - William G. Faulk, Jr., former site manager of Brunswicktown State Historic Site, took the photographs between 1969 and 1976. The majority of the negatives are of sites and objects in Brunswick County, North Carolina.
  • Friends of the Virginia Beach Public Library Photograph Collection, 1860-1900 - Collection of twenty-eight cartes de visite and one tintype, portrait photographs c.1860-1900. Donated to the State Archives of North Carolina by the Friends of Virginia Beach Public Library. Represented in the collection are work by the Alderman Studio (Raleigh, NC), Andrews' Gallery (Raleigh, NC), Hunt's Southern Temple of the Photographic Arts (Raleigh, NC), Harrell and Grimes (Murfreesboro, NC), Walter's Art Gallery (Norfolk, VA), Maneely's Photo Studio (Norfolk, VA), Parker and Harrell (Suffolk, VA), and Richmond Photograph Company (Richmond, VA).
  • Fort Caswell Yacht Basin Resort Photograph Collection, 1926-1941 - Photographs and a few papers documenting the attempted development of the Fort Caswell campus in Brunswick County, NC, into a vacation resort in the 1930s by the Sanford, FL, Caswell-Carolina Corporation, S. O. Chase, President-Owner. Most of the Photographs depict exteriors of the buildings, structure, and landscape of the Fort Caswell campus as well as ships seen on the water from Fort Caswell, people fishing and boating at Fort Caswell, and some few interiors of various buildings including details of the workings of the on-site power plant. People shown are unidentified at this time. Approximately 160 black and white photographic prints; 1 brochure, 5 postcards; 3 copies of a c.1940 typed report with maps and 18 photographs; 1 oversized 1930 map of Fort Caswell; several loose accounting documents.
  • Fort Johnston Photograph Collection - The collection contains oversize photographic negatives of plans of Fort Johnston, in present day Southport, North Carolina from 1767 to 1865.



  • Haywood, Mrs. Marshall Delancey, Interview, 1968 - TR.40 consists of a single reel-to-reel audio tape, a digital version on CD, and transcripts of a series of interviews with Mrs. Marshall DeLancey (Martha H. Bailey) Haywood, of Raleigh, NC. The interviews were conducted in the spring of 1968 as an oral history project of the Wakefield Junior Historian Club at LeRoy Martin Junior High School, a student organization of the Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, a state-wide network of student history clubs sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources and the Raleigh Public School System. The junior high school club members, with their teacher Mrs. Frank (Martha L.) Harrelson, made three tape recordings during six visits with Mrs. Haywood at her home at 127 East Edenton Street. In the interviews, Mrs. Haywood recollects details of her life on North Blount Street during the period 1903 to 1926. She discusses growing up in a wealthy household and the daily activities she experienced during this time frame. The bulk of the interviews consists of a "walking tour" of the large homes that once lined both sides of North Blount Street from New Bern Avenue to Peace Street and detailed descriptions of the families who inhabited them.
  • Helms, Jesse, Photograph Collection, 1984 - Jesse Helms was born in Monroe, North Carolina on October 18, 1921. In 1972, he won election as the Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate and was reelected until he retired in 2003. Photographs taken in Hickory, N.C., during a Jesse Helms for U.S. Senate campaign tour probably in or around October 1984 during the hotly contested Hunt vs Helms race. 10 items.
  • Henderson, Archie and Vallie, Photograph Collection, c.1940-1997 - This collection consists primarily of negatives and some prints taken by Vallie Henderson in the late 1960's and 1970's of homes and yards in the Oakwood neighborhood in Raleigh, NC, and of activities of Raleigh's HANDS organization (Home And Neighborhood Development Sponsors, part of the Keep America Beautiful program of the Sears Roebuck Foundation) and the Oakwood Garden Club. A smaller group of negatives depict automobile accidents in the Raleigh area in the 1940's and were most likely shot by Archie Henderson. There is also a small group of home movies taken by the Hendersons on various trips and vacations in the 1940's. (Approximately 2,500 items, 2.0 linear feet.)
  • Hickerson, Thomas Felix, Photograph Collection - The photographs in this collection came from a photograph album from the estate of Thomas Felix Hickerson (1882-1968). They include portraits of individuals from the western piedmont of North Carolina and a photograph of the home of Hoke C. Secrest in South Carolina. In addition, there is an obituary card in memory of Gen. Collett Leventhorpe (d. 1889).
  • Hicks, David Stone, Jr., Photograph Collection - This collection contains 95 black and white photographs taken by David Stone Hicks, Jr. between 1923 and 1929. A large part of the collection depicts bridge projects in eastern North Carolina while Hicks was employed as a Civil Engineer with the North Carolina Highway Commission. Collection also includes several pictures of residences in New Bern, old Clinton County Courthouse, Sudan Temple in New Bern, views of Neuse River, Bouge Sound Pier, and men recreationally fishing.
  • Historical Commission/Archives and History Heads Photograph Collection, 1903-1975 - Black and white portraits of executive heads and chairmen of the North Carolina Historical Commission/ Division of Archives and History, 1903-1975.
  • Hodges, Luther C., Photograph Collection, December 6, 1941 - The eight, 8 x 10 prints depict the launching of the merchant ship S. S. Zebulon B. Vance. One drawing contains a view of the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Hodges, Governor Luther H., Slide Collection, ca. 1954-1960 - The collection consists of images of Luther Hartwell Hodges as a young man and during his two terms as governor.
  • Hopson, Peggy, Photograph Collection, 1991-2006 - This photographic collection is made up of photographs taken by Peggy Hopson. Prints are in color with the exception of the Raleigh Landmarks series. In addition to prints, the collection includes negatives, photo index sheets, one photo CD-ROM, and several textual document enclosures. Photographs highlight four Raleigh area events taking place between 1991 and 2006 and one Raleigh landmark.
  • Humphrey, Pryor Emerson, Photograph Collection, ca. 1927-1970 - This collection contains 428 individual sleeves that contain 1-10 negatives. The negatives in this collection range in size from 35mm to large format 5”x7”. The collection is a broad sampling of the work of Pryor Emerson Humphrey and some examples of John Hemmer’s work.
  • Hunt, Governor James B. Jr., Gubernatorial Veto Legislation Photograph Collection, 1997 - The collection includes one color photograph of Governor Hunt and former Governor Terry Sanford in the Governor's, Office of the State Capitol. The image, autographed by both men, shows Governor Hunt signing the gubernatorial veto legislation on February 27, 1997.



  • Johnson, Robert Grady, Photograph Collection, 1931-1945 - Robert Grady Johnson (5 May 1895-22 June 1951), lawyer, legislator, and politician, was born in Burgaw, North Carolina. In 1929, Johnson was elected state senator from the Ninth District. In 1931 he was elected to the state House of Representatives for Pender County. He was re-elected in 1933 and 1935 and was Speaker of the House in 1935. In 1941 he was made chairman of the State Board of Alcoholic Control, and from 1942 until 1950 he was a member of the Utilities Commission. Photographic prints dating 1931-1945 depicting Robert Grady Johnson, other members of the North Carolina General Assembly, and/or other members of state government during that time period. Four certificates documenting Robert Grady Johnson's membership on the State Highway and Public Works Commission, 1937; the State Board of Alcoholic Control, 1941; and the North Carolina Utilities Commission, 1942 and 1945. (14 items)
  • Jordan, C. H., Photograph Collection, 1870-1940 - Collection of 25 photographs and two greeting cards. The photographic material consists of tintypes, card photographs, cabinet cards, silver gelatin prints and photo postcards. The photographs are mainly portraits and are purportedly of the Ruffin family of the Nash, Edgecombe, and Wilson County area of North Carolina.
  • Jordan, Luther J., Photograph Collection, 1895-1980 - This collection consists of three series. Series one contains photographs that were in the possession of Luther J. Jordan when he was district administrator for the Works Projects (Progress) Administration in southeastern North Carolina from 1937-1940. These photographs depict public infrastructure projects in various stages of completion, many showing workers-African American and white. The projects include public buildings, hospitals, recreation facilities, roads, sewers, water systems, piers and barns. Series two contains 60 loose pages from a photo album containing 370 photographs. These photographs depict various projects Luther J. Jordan worked on as an engineer while working for the U.S. Coast Guard, Public Works Administration, Works Progress administration, and as an independent engineer. Projects include filter plants, subsidence basins, municipal buildings and schools. Series three is divided into three sections, negatives for prints located in photographic album, unidentified photographs and negatives, and personal photographs. The bulk of this series consists of negatives of photographs that appear in series two and related scenes that were not printed.
  • Joyner, Nancy Davis, Photograph Collection, 1890-1920 - Collection consists of 16 black and white photographic prints ranging in size from 5”x7” to 6”x8” depicting a variety of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and unidentified places in the southern US, 1890-1920. Identified locations include the train depot in Morrisville, NC; downtown Spruce Pine, NC; Hancock Boarding House in Cheraw, SC; and Broad Street, Alta Vista, VA.




  • MacRae, Hugh, Carolina Trucking Development Company Photograph Collection, ca. 1909 - Black and white photographs of people, buildings, homes, activities, events, and other scenes pertaining to the various farming colonies founded by Hugh MacRae and the Carolina Trucking Development Company of Wilmington, NC, c.1909. Communities depicted include St. Helena, Castle Hayne, Artesia, and New Berlin, as well as East Wilmington, Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach (Seashore Hotel). Collection also includes two letters, a crop planting chart, and one map.
  • Maxey, Robert L., Photograph Collection, 1939- ca. 1940s - The source of this photograph collection is Robert Linwood Maxey (1894-1963), an official with the State Budget Bureau and a onetime superintendent of the North Carolina State Government Buildings and Grounds. Most of the images are of Raleigh, but there are a few of Guilford Battleground, the Fayetteville Centennial Celebration, and a Duke vs. UNC football game, in Durham.
  • McDaniel, J. Gaskill, Photograph Collection, 1890-1970 - This collection contains photographs pertaining to New Bern, NC, c.1890’s-1960’s, associated with Joe Gaskill McDaniel (1910-1976) and the New Bern Mirror newspaper. (1 box)
  • Minneapolis Public Library Collection, ca. 1930s- ca. 1940s - This collection contains wire service photographs and newspaper clippings donated by the Minneapolis Public Library. Included are photos of: the Barrage Balloon Training Center at Camp Davis; football players from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University; Black Mountain College buildings, students and faculty members; various public officials and other individuals. Many of the photographs originated from the Associated Press.
  • Miscellaneous Postcard Collection - The Miscellaneous Postcard Collection is a collection of 1101 postcards collected from a variety of sources. The postcards are divided into five series - individual postcards, addressed individual postcards, postcard packets, oversize and miscellaneous postcards and cards. The heyday of postcards was between 1900 and the outbreak of World War I. Most of the postcards in Series 2: Addressed Individual Postcards, reflect this trend. While later postcards depict places, many of these early postcards convey simple birthday or holiday greetings and were seemingly used in effort to facilitate community events, agricultural pursuits, illnesses and courtships.
  • Monroe, Martha McKinnon Harris, Photograph Collection, 1920-1928 - Three photographs dating from the 1920s that depict the Old Frisby House in Marshall, NC; R. W. Wilkinson's boarding house located at 113 South White Street in Wake Forest, NC; and a snapshot depicting a group of unidentified people and horse drawn wagons.
  • Murray, Elizabeth Reid, Photograph Collection, 1912 - Collection consists of five (5) 5x7 dry plate glass negatives produced c. 1912 of school groups located in Raleigh, NC. One negative depicts the grade 6 class of Murphey School located on the corner of Person and Polk Streets. The remaining four (4) negatives depict the graduating classes (grades 9, 10,11 and 12) of Raleigh High School located at 113 W. Morgan Street c. 1912.
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts Photograph Collection - The small collection consists of images of houses, people, and places from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina. A portion of the images are unidentified.


  • Norris, Elizabeth E., Photograph Collection, 1935-1998 - The Elizabeth E. Norris Photograph Collection consists of documentary black and white photographs taken 1967-1971 by Miss Norris of historic structures within the Blount Street Historic District of downtown Raleigh, NC; color slides taken c.1975-1991 depicting historic Raleigh structures outside the Blount Street Historic District; and a few miscellaneous copy photographs, handwritten notes by Miss Norris, and related ephemera.
  • North Carolina Aerial Photograph Collection, 1931-ca. 1940 - This collection is composed of 8 x 10 black and white negatives of aerial photographs featuring Wilmington, the North Carolina mountains, Greensboro, Southern Pines, the Cannon Mills Company, and Rocky Mount.
  • North Carolina Banking Commission Photograph Collection, ca. 1925-1957 - This photograph collection consists of nineteen (19) original black and white photographs of various officers of the North Carolina Banking Commission. One additional photograph is a portrait of Governor Angus Wilton McLean, 1925-1929.
  • "A North Carolina Postcard Album, 1905-1925" Photograph Collection - The negatives and prints in this collection were generated and used in the preparation of a division publication, A North Carolina Postcard Album, 1905-1925, co-authored by Stephen E. Massengill and Robert M. Topkins in 1988. The images in the collection show scenes of North Carolina cities and towns, transportation, business and industry, education and religion, rural life, hotels, parades and public gatherings, disasters, county courthouses, etc. The photographs and negatives are primarily from the years 1905 to 1925, although there are a few later than 1925.
  • North Carolina State Capitol Photograph Collection, ca. 1896 - The collection contains one (1) glass plate negative depicting the North Carolina State Capitol Building and grounds, circa 1896.
  • [North Carolina] State Capitol Building Photograph Collection, ca. 1900 - The photograph is an image of the south side of the State Capitol Building, Raleigh, ca. 1900.
  • North Carolina Supreme Court Photograph Collection, 1978-1980 - This collection consists of three (3) black and white composite portraits of members of the North Carolina Supreme Court for Fall Term 1978, Spring Term 1979, and Spring Term 1980.



  • Parker, Surry, Photograph Collection, 1867-1942 - Surry Parker (1866-1942) was a designer and builder of steam logging machinery and founder of Pinetown. This collection of negatives contains images of the Surry Parker family and business enterprises in northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. (35 items, including an album with 155 black and white negatives)
  • Political Campaign Poster Collection - This small collection of political campaign posters spans a variety of years. The collection consists of presidential campaign posters, William Kerr Scott's North Carolina governor poster, and Wake County, central, and eastern North Carolina local political campaign ephemera and posters. (10 items)
  • Poster Collection, Miscellaneous Posters - The first 5 items in this series were found within the World War II series of the Poster Collection and were determined to be inappropriate for that series. They have been grouped together here with other posters and poster-like items that do not fit into any of the other series in the Poster Collection. (28 items)
  • Powell, E. Stuart, Jr., Photograph Collection - The photographs are signed portraits of Clyde Rourk Hoey (1877-1954), governor and United States Senator, and Franklin Wills Hancock, Jr. (1894-1969), legislator and congressman. Donated by E. Stuart Powell, Jr.


  • Raines, Charles and Guy Cox Studio Photograph Collection, 1940-2010 - The negatives of Wilson photographers Guy Cox and Charlie Raines, 1940’s – 2000’s; comprise 100 linear feet in the NC Archives. The collection includes images of Wilson County including but not limited to portraits, groups, landscapes, structures, and events.
  • Rencher, Abraham, Family Photograph Collection, 1847 - 1889 - Abraham Rencher (1798-1883) served as a Congressman, was charge d'affaires to Portugal (1843-1847), and was territorial governor of New Mexico (1857-1861). The collection is composed of three photographs and one lithograph containing likenesses of the Abraham Rencher family.
  • Richmond County Historical Collection, Nick Lovin Studio Photo Negatives, 1976 - [This collection is a private collection and is cross-posted from the Private Collection Finding Aids page]Nick Lovin (1942-1985) was a professional photographer in Richmond County. He continued studio and location work while employed at the Richmond County Daily Journal as their staff photographer. The photo negatives of the Nick Lovin Collection comprise color and black-and-white photographic negatives in 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, 6 x 7, and 35mm formats. Primary subject matter includes weddings and portraits. (3 boxes, .75 cubic feet.)
  • Ricks, Thomas J., Photograph Collection, 1860-1920 - This collection contains 31 5"x7" dry plate glass negatives created by Thomas J. Ricks of Franklin County, NC and 12 tintypes thought to have been collected by Ricks. All of the photographs created by Ricks are portraits thought to have been taken in the Franklin County, NC vicinity. The portraits depict unidentified rural citizens, including African Americans, of varying ages usually formally dressed. Portraits of African Americans represent approximately 1/3 of the negatives in this collection. The tintypes in this collection depict men and women of various ages and are thought to have been collected by Ricks. Due to their age, it is not possible that Ricks created these photographs.
  • Rochelle, Sidney E., Photograph Collection, 1914-1943 - This collection contains 48 photographs depicting subject matter relating to the career of motorcycle and bike shop owner Sidney E. Rochelle. The photographs range from small silver gelatin snapshots to large card photographs and were taken between 1914 and 1943.
  • Rose Family Photograph Albums, 1925 - 1950 - [This collection is a private collection and is cross-posted from the Private Collection Finding Aids page]Marion Simon Rose (1901-1980) was a Durham businessman married to Susan Emily (1915- ), a figure in the cultural life of Durham. The four albums of candid photographs chronicle their wedding, other special occasions, and the lives of their two daughters. 4 volumes on 1 microfilm reel.


  • Siddell Studio Photograph Collection, 1904-ca. 1961 - The collection primarily consists of photographic prints and negatives of composite pictures of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1935-1961. It also includes exterior and interior shots of buildings and group pictures.
  • Smith, Sally, Photograph Collection, 1850-1920 - Card photographs, cabinet cards, silver gelatin prints, tintypes and one daguerreotype depicting various family members associated with the Smith family of Raleigh, NC, who are descendants of Joel Lane and Col. Nathaniel Lane. Families included in the collection are Brown, Powell, Smith, Theim, Woollcott and associated names with a majority of the photographs depicting the Smith and Woollcott families. The photographs are a mixture of candid snapshots and formal portraits. Many of the individuals in the candid photographs are unidentified. Collection also includes a scrapbook compiled by the donor which identifies many of the photographs and gives a thorough genealogical outline of the above-mentioned families.
  • Speer, J. Alex, Lantern Slide Collection, early 1900s. - The lantern slides in this collection contain views of geological features in the Wake County vicinity as well as areas of Western North Carolina.
  • Stokes County (N.C.) Stereograph Collection - The stereographs in this collection contain views of Stokes County, North Carolina during the late Nineteenth or early Twentieth century and include images of the Piedmont Springs Hotel, a river landscape with a railroad depot, and farm buildings.
  • Stone, Raymond, Photograph Collection of Governor Terry Sanford's Education Tour, 1962 - James Terry Sanford was born August 20, 1917. A political ally of John F. Kennedy, in 1960 he won the governor's race for North Carolina on a moderate platform. As governor, Terry Sanford fought for the desegregation of North Carolina schools, and helped expand the Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh-Durham area which helped boost the state's economy. After his term he opened a law practice. In 1969 he became President of Duke University, a post he held until 1985. Terry Sanford made two unsuccessful bids to be the Democratic Presidential nominee in the 1970s. In 1986 he was elected to United States Senate where he served until defeated by Lauch Faircloth in 1992. Sanford died on April 18, 1998 of esophageal cancer. The 247 photographs in this collection are 5x7 black and white prints taken by Lt. Lloyd Burchett of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, who served both as Governor Sanford's chauffeur and photographer. In 1962 Governor Terry Sanford launched a tour around North Carolina schools to promote integration. The photographs in the collection span January to the end of September, 1962, and generally depict Governor Sanford speaking in school gymnasiums or cafeterias, interacting with schoolchildren and local dignitaries. (247 items, .67 linear feet.)
  • Strickland Family Photograph Collection, ca. 1880s-ca. 1930 - The collection consists of 319 photographs that belonged to Ruth Strickland Baucom (1894-1988) and includes a photo album, loose photos and an obituary card. The album is composed of numerous family related snap shots most of which are identified by brief captions beneath the pictures. Many of the images are of scenic views while on vacation in North Carolina, particularly the mountains.
  • Stryzs, Toni, Photograph Collection, 1943 - Corporal Ralph Primavera (Apr 1920-Nov 2001) of Wilmington, DE, was the uncle of Toni Stryzs and a football player for the Camp Davis team. This collection consists of three oversized black and white photographic prints. Two prints depict the Camp Davis vs Wake Forest Football game, 25 September 1943. The third is group photograph depicting the School for Physical Reconditioning Instructors at Camp Davis, c. 1943.
  • Swan Island Club Photograph Collection, 1890-1900 - Swan Island is located in Currituck County, NC, in Currituck Sound, near the more well known Knott's Island. In the nineteenth century, northern businessmen discovered the wealth of wild birds in this area and began buying up tracts of the marshes and small islands in the sound to construct hunt clubs. Hunters from New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey would come in the winter months down to Currituck to these clubs to hunt and fish. Local residents served as caretakers, servants, and guides, providing them with a sorely needed source of income. The Swan Island Club is a guided duck hunting club and was established in 1872. Card photographs of the Swan Island Club, docks and surrounding buildings, Currituck County, NC, c. 1890-1900. 4 items.
  • Swindell Family Photograph Collection, 1897-1898, ca. 1905 - Two of the photographs are views of Bingham School near Mebane, North Carolina, 1897-1898. The other two photographs are of Colonel Fred Olds with the "Sunshiners," a boys club, on an outing to Beaufort, North Carolina, ca. 1905.



  • Van Natta, Mr. and Mrs. Ray, Postcard Collection, ca. 1913 - The picture postcards in the collection depict views of various scenes in North Carolina from the coast to the mountains. Eleven postcards include one continuous postal message from an unidentified "Father" to his daughter Bertie. The writer was an actor traveling to North Carolina cities in which a play was being performed.


  • Waller Studio Photograph Collection, 1950-1979 - Negatives and prints from Waller Photography Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. The bulk of this collection consists of black and white and color negatives with accompanying proofs and prints depicting portraits of General Assembly members and Supreme Court judges. In addition, the collection contains composite negatives and prints of legislative and judicial branches, miscellaneous state officers, pictures of the opening of the Legislative Building (1963). Civitan Club members (1957-1956) and miscellaneous individual portraits. The negatives and prints comprising the collection date from 1935 to 1976.
  • Way, Maxwell M., Photograph Collection circa 1926 - circa 1955 - The photographs were taken by the parents of the donor, Maxwell M. Way, during the period circa 1926 to circa 1955. The images depict various views of North Carolina particularly the mountains in the western part of the state. (125 items, .33 linear feet.)
  • Wayne County Schools Photograph Collection, 1890s-1920s - Collection of photographs primarily of school buildings, school children and teachers, classrooms, and a few unidentified buildings and houses and other scenes in the Wayne County area, 1890s-1920s.
  • Webb, R. Beverly R., Photograph Collection, ca. 1880-1900 - This collection consists mainly of cabinet cards, a form of portraiture photography seen from the mid 1860s to the 1920s with the height of popularity being approximately 1870-1900. The collection consists of portraits of individuals from throughout North Carolina (many of Raleigh) and other states, as well as two from Shanghai, China. The 57 identified portraits are arranged by surname and often contain the name and location of the photography studio.
  • Wilkerson, Dr. Charles R., Photograph Collection, 1906 - The eleven photographs in this collection contain individual portraits of Medical students in the 1906 graduating class of the UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School.
  • Williams, F. Carter, Photograph Collection, 1950s-1980s - This collection contains 152 items including photographic prints, slides and printed materials documenting architectural projects worked on by the firm of F. Carter Williams, PA, Raleigh, North Carolina. Also included are photos and slides of the renovation of the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh by the firm during 1975-1976.