Title Description

Private Collection Microfilm Scavenger Hunt 

This scavenger hunt demonstrates how to use an archival catalog to conduct research and introduces individuals to the variety of microfilmed private collections held at the State Archives. These collections include records like recipes, journals, photographs, diaries, letters, and scrapbooks, which illuminate the history and culture of North Carolina from the colonial era to the present day.

Grades: 8–12

Kahoot! Quizzes for Educator Use

Test your knowledge of North Carolina history and culture! These interactive quizzes feature primary sources directly from the State Archives of North Carolina and align with state curriculum standards and objectives. They were designed especially for educators and students to have fun while exploring state history in the classroom. How to Access Kahoot Games for Free (if you don’t already have an account): On the game you wish to play, click the ellipses, and choose “Play as guest.” This will reroute you to a log in page to create an account. Choose your preferred sign in method or sign-up using email. If you get rerouted to choosing a plan, scroll down and you will see a “Basic” option. This allows you to play games created by the State Archives for free. Educators can look into for a “Basic” free option that may allow more players.

Grades: 4–8