About TranscribeNC

TranscribeNC is an online crowdsourcing project that anyone can take part in! Become a virtual volunteer and help us improve access to North Carolina's history by transcribing historic documents from our digital collections. We have many types of records that need transcription so you can pick something that sparks your interest.

How does it work?

Anyone can become a volunteer by signing up for an account on FromThePage, which is where our TranscribeNC projects are hosted. This software lets you transcribe documents and collaborate with other volunteers. You can review other people’s transcriptions or start working on one yourself! We have guidance to help you decipher handwritten documents and format your transcriptions.

Once completed, volunteer-created transcripts are reviewed and added to the North Carolina Digital Collections. They help everyone access history by making documents easier to read and improving their searchability.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to create a FromThePage account and begin your transcription journey today!

We add new items and swap out projects as transcriptions are completed. So check back soon (or sign up to receive email notifications from our lead project archivist) to see what new documents are available for transcription! 

Questions about TranscribeNC? Send us an email at