Digital Records

Digital Records

The State Archives of North Carolina is committed to the preservation of electronic records throughout their lifecycle, from creation to disposition. As with public records in any format, proper care and handling will ensure accessibility now and into the future.

If you are looking for guidance on the management of active electronic records, please refer to the Digital Records Policies and Guidelines page, which provides links to guidance, tutorials, and best practice documention for records creators managing digital files in office.

For more information about transferring electronic records to the State Archives and our digital preservation program, the North Carolina Digital Repository page includes documentation on how to transfer data to ensure authenticity of the records, and how archival digital information is preserved by the State Archives.

Documenting Modern State Government

The North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives is a service of the State Archives and the State Library of North Carolina. The archives contain state government agency, licensing board, and commission web sites and social media pages, and includes images and audio and video files; agency policies and publications posted on sites; and board and commission meeting minutes.