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The Division of Archives and Records has a vast collection of primary resource materials which can be used in education, including diaries, maps, letters, memoirs, photographs, and government records. Many of these materials are available through our online resources and can be aligned to national and state teaching standards. Primary resources are particularly useful in education because they give students concrete examples from which to explore a concept or event and encourage analytical skills as students evaluate how documents reflect the points of view of the people who created them.

Connect to an Archives Near You

The Division of Archives and Records is part of the Office of Archives and History and the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. The name “Archives and Records” reflects the dual role of the division: to provide guidance concerning the preservation and management of government records to state, county, city and state university officials; and to collect, preserve and provide public access to historically significant archival materials relating to North Carolina.

The Division of Archives and Records includes several facilities across the state, including three that are open to the public. For more information about outreach services available to teachers from each of these locations, please contact the staff for the facility nearest you.