Bible Records

This group consists of copies of family information pages from privately held Bibles. These Bible entries are arranged alphabetically by family surname. Family genealogies, including those which William Perry Johnson listed in North Carolina Genealogy, have been transferred to the Genealogical Services Section, Government and Heritage Library, State Library of North Carolina. All Bible records held by the State Archives are now described in the online catalog. They have also been digitized and the images and transcriptions are available in the North Carolina Family Records Online, part of the North Carolina Digital Collections.

Collection Policy

Official registration of births and deaths in North Carolina began statewide on October 1, 1913. In an effort to supplement the official records, the State Archives of North Carolina welcomes donations of copies of any pre-1913 family information such as births, deaths, and marriages recorded in family Bibles. At least one person named in the family Bible should be from North Carolina. The Archives does not accept original Bibles.

Prospective donors should contact:

Gwen Thomas Mays, C.A.
State Archives of North Carolina
Special Collections Section
4614 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4614

Phone: 919-814-6855
Fax: 919-814-6899