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other records management topics, please visit the Government section . State Agency Digital Collections 1901 Confederate Pension

limited extent, official records relating to North Carolina and its Confederate regiments during the U.S. Civil War. Although the

collecting various Confederate military records and papers that had remained in private hands for the fiftieth anniversary of the war

) Carolina Charter Tercentenary Commission  (PDF only) Chiropractic Examiners, Board of  (PDF only) Confederate Centennial Commission

Confederate officers. Consists of correspondence, 1860-1861, and one undated antebellum letter (4 total), and miscellaneous items

, servicemen from Union and Confederate sides, along with 15 related documents, copies of Mike Tames' research papers, and a CD-ROM

served with the 6th Regiment, N. C. Troops, Confederate States Army and Smith served with Troop G, 2nd Michigan Cavalry, USA. Dept