Chief Records Officers

State agencies appoint Chief Records Officers (CROs) to represent the agency in records management concerns. This task is usually assigned as an additional duty for a deputy secretary, a special assistant to the secretary, legal counsel, or another department executive with adequate authority and a thorough knowledge of the agency’s records.

The responsibilities of the Chief Records Officer include:

  • Coordinating agency requests of the Government Records Section in the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) for records assistance, training, and other consultative services
  • Reviewing agency functions and records on a regular basis to ensure coverage by the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies
  • Coordinating agency submission of forms, surveys, and other feedback required by DNCR
  • When an approved electronic records policy is in place, authorizing the destruction of paper records that have been scanned
  • Providing guidance on the appropriate storage of public records, so they are kept in secure but accessible places
  • Participating in the design and implementation of agency electronic records initiatives, to ensure consideration of records management issues
  • Assisting in the timely transfer of records to the State Records Center and in securing authorization for destruction of records temporarily stored at the State Records Center that have met their retention requirements
  • In cooperation with DNCR, establishing and maintaining a program for the selection and preservation of agency records considered essential to the operation of government and to the protection of the rights and interests of citizens.

Some CROs find it useful to identify additional agency personnel to act as Records Liaisons. Records Liaisons can share unique records and operational knowledge with the CRO and can also assist the agency CRO with disseminating records management information and carrying out records management activities within the agency. The Government Records Section has produced a manual to provide guidance in carrying out the role of Records Liaison.

Chief Records Officers

State Agency Records Officer Records Management Analyst
Administrative Office of the Courts Courtney Bailey
(919) 890-1344
Jason Woolf
Court of Appeals of North Carolina Eugene Soar
(919) 831-3600
Jason Woolf
Department of Administration Evin Grant
(984) 222-4090
Francesca Perez Evans
Department of Adult Corrections Tonya Sayball
(919) 436-3128
Mark Holland
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Jonathan Lanier
(919) 707-3010
Mark Holland
Department of Commerce Vacant Francesca Perez Evans
Department of Environmental Quality William Lane
(919) 707-8616
Mark Holland
Department of Health and Human Services Paul Hogle
(919) 715-2632
Mark Holland
Department of Information Technology Charlotte Clevenger
(919) 754-6493
Alice Shahan
Department of Insurance Meghan Cook
(919) 807-6788
Mark Holland
Department of Justice Lea Tackett
(919) 716-6410
Mark Holland                
Department of Labor Carla D. Rose
(919) 707-7712
Alice Shahan
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Theresa Wright-Bryant
(919) 971-2876
Natalie Walker
Department of Natural and Cultural
Sarah Koonts
(919) 814-6876
Francesca Perez Evans
Department of Public Instruction Blair Rhoades
(984) 236-2224
Alice Shahan
Department of Public Safety Vacant Mark Holland
Department of Revenue Kayla Vann-Arnold
(919) 814-1304
Mark Holland
Department of the Secretary of State Ann B. Wall
(919) 807-2230
Mark Holland
Department of the State Treasurer Laura C. Rowe
(919) 814-3851
Alice Shahan
Department of Transportation Stephanie Robinson
(919) 707-2817
Natalie Walker
Division of Employment Security Betty Ann Boyd
(984) 236-5974
Natalie Walker
General Assembly of North Carolina Anthony Aycock
(919) 301-1291
Mark Holland
Housing Finance Agency Carol Davidson
(919) 981-5167
Natalie Walker
North Carolina Community College System Tawanda Foster Artis
(919) 807-6961
Alice Shahan
North Carolina State Bar
Choung Chhan
(919) 706-4243
Mark Holland
North Carolina Supreme Court Grant Buckner
(919) 831-5740
Jason Woolf
Office of Administrative Hearings Bill Culpepper
(919) 431-3067
Kayla Leonard
Office of State Human Resources Beverly Townsend
(919) 807-4862
Francesca Perez Evans
Office of State Budget and Management Marcia Evans
(984) 236-0696
Mark Holland
Office of the Governor Scarlett Hargis
(919) 814-2025
Rashida Felder
Office of the Lieutenant Governor Vacant
(919) 733-7350
Rashida Felder
Office of the State Auditor Neal McHenry
(919) 807-7675
Mark Holland
Office of the State Controller Carmen Cargill
(919) 707-0471
Francesca Perez Evans
State Bureau of Investigation Angel Gray
(919) 662-4500
Mark Holland