British Records: Public Record Office

Gifts and Deposits. Chatham Papers (copies)

The papers of William Pitt, first earl of Chatham, and of his son, William Pitt. Topics relating to North Carolina include the French and Indian War, the prelude to the American Revolution, and debts owed  British merchants in the post-war period.

Gifts and Deposits. Cornwallis Papers (microfilm and copies)

The papers of Charles, Lord Cornwallis. The North Carolina items all relate to the Revolutionary War in the south.

Gifts and Deposits. Shaftesbury Papers (microfilm and copies)

Papers of Anthony Ashley Cooper, first earl of Shaftesbury, one of the original lords proprietors. The items copied relate to the early government of Carolina, including Culpeper's Rebellion.

Gifts and Deposits. Granville Papers (copies)

North Carolina-related items are abstracts of correspondence between Governor Josiah Martin and Lord Dartmouth, secretary of state.

Gifts and Deposits. Leeds Papers (copies)

Topics relating to North Carolina relate mainly to customs collection in Albemarle in the 1670s.

Gifts and Deposits. Egremont Papers (copies)

Papers of Charles, second earl of Egremont, secretary of state, 1761-63. North Carolina-related items mainly concern the French and Indian War.

Gifts and Deposits. Neville and Aldworth Papers (copies)

Topics relating to North Carolina are ship salvage and offices in the  gift of the secretary of state.

Gifts and Deposits. Carleton Papers (copies)

Headquarters papers of Sir Guy Carleton, last commander in chief in America during the Revolutionary War. Items copied concern North Carolina's participation in that war.