British Records: Friends House Library

Friends House Library is the most important repository in Britain for records of the Society of Friends (Quakers), and the strength of Quakerism in North Carolina is well reflected in the holdings of the  Library.

Epistles Received

The items in the series "Epistles Received" are letters to the London Meeting from various meetings in North Carolina concerning mainly their relations with government, especially regarding taxation for support of the established church, and militia service and other military-related matters.

Epistles Sent

The series "Epistles Sent" consists of letters from the London Yearly Meeting to various meetings in North Carolina about a variety of matters.

Letters, Dreams, and Visions

The series "Letters, Dreams, and Visions" includes one item relating to North Carolina.

Manuscripts Collections

The series "Manuscript Collections" includes one North Carolina-related item.

Quaker Journals

The journal of Rachel Wilson concerns her travels in North Carolina and elsewhere.

Reynolds Manuscripts

The single item for North Carolina in the Reynolds Manuscripts concerns a visit to England by a North Carolina Friend.

Meetings for Sufferings

The North Carolina items in the series "Meetings for Sufferings" concern a variety of matters, not just persecution of Friends.

Minutes of the Yearly Meetings

The series "Minutes of the Yearly Meetings" records epistles received from North Carolina, reports of travellers there, etc.