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Additional Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

The large and diverse Additional Manuscripts series in the British Library includes numerous collections and items concerning virtually every aspect of North Carolina colonial history. The collections containing the largest number of documents relating to North Carolina are the French and Indian War papers of Brig. Gen. Henry Bouquet; the papers of Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Haldimand from the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War; the official correspondence of Thomas Pelham Holles, duke of Newcastle (1697-1768); the official papers of Charles Jenkinson, first earl of Liverpool; and the papers of Col. Samuel Martin and others of the Martin family, including many items relating to Governor Josiah  Martin. In addition to these major collections, there are numerous other ones containing North Carolina-related material.

Cottonian Manuscripts (copies)

Egerton Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

Hargrave Manuscripts (copies)

Harleian Manuscripts (copies)

King's Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

Landsdowne Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

Royal Manuscripts (copies)

State Papers, temp. Henry VIII

Sloane Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

Stowe Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)