Training is available to all state and local officials interested in learning more about records management (including the Public Records Law and how to create or update an office’s retention schedule), electronic, paper, and subject filing systems, handling e-mail, and handling electronic records.

All workshops will be held at the State Records Center, 215 North Blount Street, Raleigh, N.C., located directly across the street from the Governor’s Mansion.

There is no charge for this training

We also offer on-site workshops when requested. We can customize on-site workshops to suit the audience.

Local Records Workshops

Local records analysts provide on-site training to local agencies. Our prepared workshops include:

  • Managing Public Records: Law and Practice in North Carolina: Our basic introduction to the Public Records law and records management. Includes email and electronic records management.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: An introduction to disaster planning, response and recovery.
  • Email: What to Keep and How: For those especially concerned with email retention, archiving, and public records requests.
  • Public Records and Confidentiality in North Carolina: An introduction to confidentiality laws concerning public records in North Carolina. Find out who can and can't see those confidential records.
  • From Filing Cabinet to Desktop PC: Get a handle on your paper and digital files.

We also develop custom workshops. There is no charge for training. If you prefer, you can schedule for a records management analyst and/or archivist to visit your office and conduct a consultation.

Workshop schedule subject to change depending upon demand.

Schedule for Local Managing Public Records Workshops

To Be Announced


State Agency Workshops

State agency records analysts provide a series of face-to-face workshops at the State Record Center and State Archives, as well as on-site workshops upon request. Our prepared workshops include:

  • Introduction to Managing Public Records: This workshop will answer questions such as “What is records management?” and will introduce the development and usage of a records retention and disposition schedule. This workshop also provides an introduction to public records law and public access and explains the services provided to state agencies by the State Records Center.
  • Organizing Your Digital & Paper Files: This workshop provides examples of how to organize and maintain active paper and electronic files in an efficient, easy-to-use system.
  • The Basics of Electronic Records: This workshop focuses on the problems associated with electronic records and provides advice on how to protect those records to insure their accuracy, reliability, and security. This workshop also provides guidance on how to initiate a scanning program, weighing the pros and cons, and reviews technical considerations.
  • Managing E-Mail: This workshop offers tips and tricks to help you identify and manage your e-mail records in accordance with public records law.

Schedule for State Agency Workshops

To sign up for any of the scheduled state agency workshops, please complete the workshop registration form and send to Gail Elliott at or fax to (919) 715-3627. For additional questions, please contact Gail via email or call (919) 807-7350. Please note that all workshops will be held in room #208 of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources building, located at 109 E. Jones Street.