Local Records Services and Training

Records management services are offered to all North Carolina counties and municipalities.

Services include:

  • Creation of new, updated, or amended general records retention and disposition schedules.
  • On-site visitations by Local Records Analysis staff.
  • Records management training through in-house and onsite workshops, and consultation with local agencies/departments on a variety of records management and public records topics.
  • Subject to availability of adequate resources, security microfilming of permanently valuable records is provided at a minimal cost to local government agencies.

Directory of Records Management Analysts

The records management analysts listed below are available to assist any local official with questions concerning the proper management and retention of the records created and maintained in your office.

  • Courtney Bailey (courtney.bailey@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 919-814-6918
    • Hospitals
  • Whitney Ray (whitney.ray@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 919-814-6907
    • Workshops
  • Kelly Policelli (kelly.policelli@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 919-814-6911
    • Clerk of Court/Courthouse Staff
    • Register of Deeds
  • Mark Holland (mark.holland@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 919-814-6908
    • Adoption Records
    • Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Boards
    • General County Inquiries
    • General Municipality Inquiries
    • Health Departments
    • Libraries
    • LME/MCO
    • Regional Councils
    • Social Services
    • Sheriff Offices
    • Transportation Authorities & Systems
    • Veterans Affairs
    • Water and Sewer/Sanitary Districts
  • Emily Sweitzer (emily.sweitzer@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 919-814-6910
    • Education Agencies/Schools
    • Elections Boards
    • Minutes for Microfilming
    • Tax Administration
  • Jason Woolf, Western Regional Archives, Asheville (jason.woolf@ncdcr.gov) Phone: 828-296-7230 x224
    • Airports
    • Soil and Water