Lesson Plans

Millie-Christine (Lesson Plan)

Millie-Christine McKoy, conjoined twins, were born in Columbus County, NC in 1851. Born to enslaved parents, the twins shared one spinal column and were likely two girls with one nervous system.

Powerful Words (Lesson Plan)

Propaganda is a powerful tool used to sway people’s opinions on certain issues. Examples of propaganda can be found in many different formats.

Tar Heel Travelers (Lesson Plan)

The teens and 20s were a time of great travel in the United States. People often took voyages that lasted for months and many left diaries and journals chronicling their journeys.

Teaching Natural Disasters (Lesson Plan)

Natural disasters happen every day, and in North Carolina in 2011 we seemed to have had more than other years. One effective way to deal with natural disasters is to study them historically.

Two Soldiers (Lesson Plan)

Two soldiers in different wars wrote letters home that express powerful feelings of patriotism. As they wrote, each knew he was either dying or about to die.