The items relating to North Carolina in this repository concern the attempts to find places of settlement for the Palatine refugees in England in 1708-09; includes plans to settle 600 of them in North Carolina.

This large and highly diverse series is comprised of letters, reports, petitions, memorials, returns, shipping returns, accounts, vouchers, etc.

The archives of the War Office include many records relating to the British Army in the colonies.

Monthly Returns, Canada (copies)

Items concerning North Carolina in WO 17 consist of returns and lists from the Revolutionary War, especially Loyalist troops.

Establishments, Plantations, etc. (copies)

The one item concerning North Carolina in WO 24 has to do with a Loyalist unit.

Various. Commission Books (copies)

The one item concerning North Carolina in WO 25 has to do with John Dalrymple.

Main sources for the items photocopied include the Public Record Office, London (the main governmental archives of Great Britain); the British Library (formerly the library of the British Museum); the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; the archives of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Oxford; Lambeth Palace Library, London; Friends House Library, London; and the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh. Other items are from county record offices and minor repositories in London and elsewhere.

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