Contained in the British Records: Admiralty Finding Aid are the following series:

Secretary's Department, In-Letters (copies)

The North Carolina items in this collection date from the 1740s and mainly comprise correspondence among the Lister family in New Bern and Halifax, England. (microfilm)

The Board of Trade was the department of the British government dealing mainly with matters relating to trade. The series is comprised of  correspondence; and accounts of various kinds, especially of imports and exports.

Additional Manuscripts (microfilm and copies)

Between 1922-1930, the North Carolina Historical Commission acquired the English Records Collection, which are transcribed copies of records from the British Public Records Office and the British Museum. The calendar of English Records provides a brief description of the records in date order, along with the citation used by the States Archives of North Carolina and the citation of the original record group used by the British Public Records Office. The bulk of the records document North Carolina colonial history, the Revolutionary War and Loyalist claims.

Chancery. Chancery Proceedings (microfilm and copies)

The Court of Chancery in London occasionally heard cases relating  in some way to the colonies. North Carolina topics in the series C 12  concern Peter Henley.

Chancery. Town Depositions (copies)

Papers of James Parker (microfilm)

The numerous North Carolina items in this collection consist mainly of correspondence and related papers of James Parker, a Scottish merchant resident in Virginia but with extensive interests in North Carolina. Topics include, among others, his property and business affairs in North Carolina, the Revolutionary War, the Dismal Swamp reclamation scheme, family matters, the seige and capture of Charleston in 1780, his loyalist claim.

Journal of James Currie (microfilm)

General Series (microfilm and copies)

Letters and other documents concerning the colony at Roanoke Island; plans for settlement in the 1630s under the charter granted to Sir  Robert Heath; the grant of Carolina to the Lords Proprietors and their administration of the colony; Culpeper's Rebellion; trade.

America and West Indies: North Carolina, Original Correspondence, Board of Trade and Secretary of State (microfilm and copies)

Certificates verifying the landing of named criminal transportees at the port of Charleston.

Liverpool Plantation Registers (microfilm)

These records concern the registration of vessels trading to the port of Liverpool, 1744-1773, 1779-1784.

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