DVDs and CDs are not a recommended preservation format. They are, however, adequate for everyday access copies for government records. The document above provides technical information for making your office's DVDs and CDs last longer. Published April - June 2003.

Please submit this form to receive permission to destroy non-permanent records you have scanned. If you have not previously submitted a copy of your agency’s scanning policy and the Self-Warranty form, please contact any records analyst.

The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources requires any agency that images its records or maintains electronic records with retention periods of ten or more years to create and sign an Electronic Records and Imaging Policy.

Security Backup Files as Public Records In North Carolina: Guidelines for the Recycling, Destruction, Erasure, and Re-use of Security Backup Files. Security backup files are public records (according to G.S. §§ 121-2(8) and 132-1) and may not be disposed of, erased, or destroyed (according to G.S. § 132-3) without specific guidance from the Department of Cultural Resources.

The State Archives teams with the State Library to run a well-established and nationally recognized web archiving program for state agency websites. The web archiving program is available to any state agencies wishing to participate. Learn more on the digital records policies and guidelines page.

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