This document provides guidance to state, county, and municipal government agencies for establishing methods and procedures for creating and maintaining authentic records in digital formats according to the type of records produced and the length of time the records should be retained.

These documents provide the specifications and required metadata elements for digitized audio and video materials being transferred to the State Archives of North Carolina. For digitized audio and video, metadata must be included as CSV files, and embedded in the files if possible. Please see the guidelines document for description of the specifications and required metadata fields. Refer to the CSV files for templates.

Offices with permanent records shall create a preservation duplicate of those records as described in §132-8.2: "Preservation duplicates shall be durable, accurate, complete and clear..." It is the Department's policy that preservation duplicates should be either a paper or microfilm copy of the original records. Permanent records with certain characteristics require preservation duplicates that are human-readable. The "Human-Readable Preservation Duplicates" policy outlines these characteristics and appropriate formats for human-readable preservation duplicates.

This document is intended to offer guidance to government employees about the management and retention of metadata under North Carolina’s public records laws and state and federal discovery rules for civil litigation. The goal is to provide information and guidance for public employees to understand their responsibilities and liabilities related to metadata.

This document lays out the requirements of both the State Archives and the State Library of North Carolina for a digital preservation system. The requirements are based on certain use cases specific to the different collections and materials collected, described, and cataloged by the library and the archives.

OneDrive for Business is a personal online storage space in the cloud, provided for employees using Office365. This document offers guidance and best practices for the use of One Drive for Business by public service employees, with the goal of maintaining continued accessibility of records created in the transaction of public business. 

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