Coroner’s Inquests are records of coroners’ investigations into deaths, especially those that were sudden or could result in court cases. They often include not only the coroner’s statements but also those of witnesses, relatives, family and medical professionals.  The earliest Coroner’s Inquests are located in the Secretary of State Papers. 

Alphabetical list of researchers who are willing to undertake research at the archives on a fee basis. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope when contacting a researcher. The State Archives of North Carolina prepared this list in accordance with section TO7:04M.0202 of the North Carolina Administrative Code, Department of Natural & Cultural Resources, Office of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Records.

Miscellaneous Records contains a variety of records including those that do not fall easily into the main record categories as well as those that were in too small of a quantity to be catalogued separately. Examples are records of slaves and free persons of color; bills of sale; promissory notes; canal and drainage records; shipping and fishing records; mill records; mining records; timber records; powers of attorney; grand jury records; and witness tickets. Many box and volume titles may be peculiar to one or two counties.

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