The National Maritime Museum is a repository for records relating to the naval and maritime history of Great Britain and the colonies. Its holdings include archives of governmental and other bodies, as well as a large number of private manuscript collections.

Navy Board, Lieutenants' Logs (microfilm)

The Paymaster General's department dealt with payments concerning operations of the British Army. In the series PMG 14, North Carolina topics include a few payments relating to the French and Indian War and numerous ones to the Revolutionary War.

The Privy Council was a body acting as advisors to the sovereign. One of the matters it dealt with was colonial affairs.

Unbound Papers

Topics relating to North Carolina in the series PC 1 include among others piracy, trade, naval stores, laws, boundaries, commissions to governors and others, quitrents, naval prizes, church affairs.

Office Registers

Gifts and Deposits. Chatham Papers (copies)

The papers of William Pitt, first earl of Chatham, and of his son, William Pitt. Topics relating to North Carolina include the French and Indian War, the prelude to the American Revolution, and debts owed  British merchants in the post-war period.

Gifts and Deposits. Cornwallis Papers (microfilm and copies)

The papers of Charles, Lord Cornwallis. The North Carolina items all relate to the Revolutionary War in the south.

Gifts and Deposits. Shaftesbury Papers (microfilm and copies)

Papers of James Pattison (microfilm)

Major General James Pattison was for part of the Revolutionary War commander of Royal Artillery in North America and superintendent general of police for the City of New York. North Carolina items in this collection concern various aspects of the American Revolution.

American Correspondence and Transactions of the Royal Society of Arts (microfilm)

One project of the Royal Society of Arts was to encourage the raising  of various commodities in the colonies. The North Carolina items in these records concern silk, hemp, "brown cotton," and sawmills.

The few North Carolina items in this repository concern a lease and release of part of the duke of Albemarle's lands in Albemarle to his son.

Docquets Books

The Signet Office prepared documents for the royal seal. Only one item was copied for the British Records Program.


Secretary's Letter Books (copies)

Letters received (contemporary copies) from missionaries, would-be missionaries, potential supporters of the Society, and those requiring its assistance (e.g., in books or cash). Letters concern personal and civil affairs (the latter mainly from governors and lieutenant- governors); work among blacks and Indians, including the education of Indian children; the building of churches; crops, etc. There are also offers of legacies, letters of complaint, requests for ministers, and letters of introduction.

The State Paper Office until 1782 constituted the archives of what later became departments of government, including the Colonial Office, Foreign Office, and Home Office.

Domestic, Charles II

Topics relating to North Carolina in the series SP 29 include, among others, tobacco and immigration.

Domestic, George I

Topics relating to North Carolina in the series SP 35 include the royalization of South Carolina.

Domestic, George II

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