A retention and disposition schedule for North Carolina community colleges was approved in July 2016. In December 2017, 12 amendments were made to this schedule; in May 2019, another 17 amendments were made to the schedule. In August 2019, a section was added for Public Safety Records for those campuses that have their own police force.

If there are legacy records that are not addressed by the current retention and disposition schedule, an institution may submit the request for disposal of unscheduled records. If there are records actively being received and/or created by an institution that are not on the schedule, an institution should submit a request for change in the institution’s records schedule.

The 2018 UNC General Schedule was approved by the General Administration in January 2018 and is available for individual institutions to acknowledge (see page i of the PDF for the place the university records officer/archivist can sign). The 2019 and 2020 amendments are incorporated into the updated PDF; acknowledgment for these amendments can be signed on pages ii and iii.

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