Please complete this form and submit along with governing board minutes to be microfilmed (for local governments).

For use by state agencies that need to use records stored in State Records Center facilities.

Use this form if you need to add or delete a new item to a local government records schedule or request a change in a retention period. For more information, please contact a records analyst.

Please submit this form to receive permission to destroy non-permanent records you have scanned. If you have not previously submitted a copy of your agency’s scanning policy and the Self-Warranty form, please contact any records analyst.

Please submit this form to request permission to destroy records that are no longer being created and are not in your records schedule. Please contact a records analyst before completing this form in case we are able to help you find the appropriate item in an existing schedule. If you have an unscheduled record that is currently being created, please fill out the Request for Change in Records Schedule Form.

The destructions log and file plan are forms agencies may use to track their records. The electronic records policy is a template to guide agencies in creating their own procedures and policy to maintain trustworthy electronic records. The record series evaluation form should be submitted if an agency has new records that are not already represented within the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies.

The State Archives teams with the State Library to run a well-established and nationally recognized web archiving program for state agency websites. The web archiving program is available to any state agencies wishing to participate. Learn more on the digital records policies and guidelines page.

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