Friends House Library is the most important repository in Britain for records of the Society of Friends (Quakers), and the strength of Quakerism in North Carolina is well reflected in the holdings of the  Library.

Epistles Received

The items in the series "Epistles Received" are letters to the London Meeting from various meetings in North Carolina concerning mainly their relations with government, especially regarding taxation for support of the established church, and militia service and other military-related matters.

Epistles Sent

The archives of the General Post Office include various records relating to the postal service in the colonies.

Financial: Treasury Letter Book

The series POST 1/10 includes items relating to packet boats in 1776.

Overseas Mail

The series POST 48/4 includes items relating to the land postal service in North Carolina.

Staff: Nomination and Appointments

The series POST 58/1 concerns the appointment of deputy postmasters general for the southern colonies.

Staff: Establishments

Transportation Bonds

These records contain an item relating to transportation of convicts to "Carolina."


These records contain several indentures for servitude in "Carolina."

Subscription Books

These records record the subscriptions of Anglican priests to serve in  North Carolina.

Diocese Book

This record lists Anglican priests in North Carolina.

Bishop of London's Overseas Jurisdiction

These records include items relating to the appointment of Anglican  priests, including their performance bonds.

The High Court of Admiralty had jurisdiction over maritime matters, administering the law in three distinct areas: civil (contracts, wages, wrongful injury, etc.); criminal (murder, piracy, mutiny, etc.); and the seizure of property from an enemy during wartime. The records of  the Court sitting in these three capacities are termed, respectively,  instance, oyer and terminer, and prize. Also included in the records of the High Court are various documents from courts of vice admiralty in  Britain and the colonies.

Examinations, Instance and Prize (copies)

The High Court of Delegates was a British court hearing appeals from various inferior courts.

The records of the Home Office concern a diversity of matters, most of  them having some relationship to the internal affairs of Great Britain.


North Carolina topics in the series HO 39 concern attempts by the State of North Carolina to locate records relating to the colony.

Correspondence and General: Domestic and General, George III

The North Carolina item copied from HO 42 relates to a Loyalist soldier.

Military. Secretary at War: Correspondence

North Carolina items relate to Loyalist military units.

Polhill-Drabble Papers

The single North Carolina-related item relates to the Heath Patent to "Carolana."

Amherst Papers

This collection consists of various papers of Sir Jeffery Amherst, commander-in-chief in North America during the latter years of the French and Indian War. Items for North Carolina include correspondence, troops returns, etc.


Fulham Papers (microfilm)

These records consist of correspondence, petitions, reports, lists of  clergy, and the like, directed mainly to the bishop of London from persons in Britain and various colonies in America. The bishop of London had nominal jurisdiction over the Anglican Church in the colonies, and the North Carolina items reflect all aspects of Anglicanism there.

Manuscripts, selections (microfilm)

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